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Client Testimonials
-Figure Competitor

“Thank you to my posing/nutrition coach Tiffany @brickhousebodyllc for all the support, encouragement and advices. Love my coach dearly you're awesome💗 It has been a pleasure. You're so passionate with what you do. Love it!💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽
Oseana Johnson
- Bikini Competitor

“It was a tough season but we made it!!! I️ can’t thank you enough for always being there, pushing me, but most of all believing in me! Love you... @brickhousebodyllc @ladygymjunkie #bestcoachever #brickhousebodyllc #ladiesofbhb
STOP what you’re doing right now and START. The best time to plant a tree was 100 years ago. The second-best time is right now. Having a personal trainer and nutritionist is what you need. No guess work, just results.
Lorena Vasquez
-Figure Competitor

Get a coach - Tiffany is the BEST!  Don't wing it.  Spend the money and learn from others who know what they are doing.  Pick their brain and surround yourself with FIT people.
Antaya "Tay" Abraham
Colleen Lewin
Seeing her on the national stage was also the day I decided I'd ask her to help me reach a goal I had dreamed of since high school ☺️. So my friend/coach and I made a plan based off of what I said I wanted to accomplish this growing season.You all should know when I saw THIS chick hit the stage, it changed EVERYTHING😍!!!
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Maurice F. - Nevada Area
Frequently Asked Questions & Answers
Do you only work with competitors?
No, I work with anyone who wants to change their mindset in terms of nutrition and training and/or who want to improve their current training and nutrition habits. All plans are individualized and I do not operate with a "one size fits all" coaching style. I work with you according to your individual needs.
Will I only be eating chicken and broccoli for every meal with your nutrition plans? 
No, you will have ample choices within the software to satisfy your needs without having to resort to a boring and restrictive diet based only on broccoli and chicken. You will have variety.
Do you offer Payment Plans?
Yes. Please email me for further on this.
What happens if I miss a nutrition or training session?
If you miss a session and have given written email notice more than 24 hours prior via email, you will be able to reschedule the session you canceled only once (no more than 2 reschedules per package), if you cancel without notice or less than 24 hours prior you will forfeit that session and will not be able to make it up no matter what.
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