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Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist, 
Personal Trainer, Competitors Coach.
Tiffany Hill Germain, Lifestyle Transformation Expert
Tiffany Hill Germain is a certified personal trainer and certified fitness nutrition specialist with a training certification through IFA (International Fitness Association) with additional training through ACE (American Council on Education) and certified as a fitness nutrition specialist through Exercise & Nutrition Works, Inc.

Tiffany is an NPC Nationally Qualified Women’s Physique Competitor, and chose the path of nutrition, fitness and wellness in hopes of leading others towards healthier lifestyle choices. Tiffany founded Brickhouse Body, Llc in 2014 and has since helped numerous clients reach their fitness and nutritional goals on and off of the stage. Tiffany is a United States Marine Veteran as well as a Police Veteran with Prince William County Police Department and studies at the University of Maryland, University College. She believes in giving back to her community.

Tiffany works with clients from all backgrounds and walks of life who are seeking nutritional, health and/or fitness guidance. Tiffany, who is originally from York, Pennsylvania, currently resides in Dumfries Virginia with her husband Patrice and their dog Peaches. Tiffany not only practices what she preaches on a daily basis, she has also made it her mission to guide those around her focusing on friends, family and as of late, her church family. She recently joined a health and wellness initiative at her church where she conducts free exercise and nutrition seminars for families within the church seeking to “make better choices”. 
“I can write you countless nutrition plans, prep all your meals for you, train you twice a week and check in with daily motivational quotes, but the truth is, at the end of the day, it all boils down to YOU! YOU have to want it for yourself more than I want it for YOU! -Tiffany”
Frequently Asked Questions & Answers
Do you only work with competitors?
No, I work with anyone who wants to change their mindset in terms of nutrition and training and/or who want to improve their current training and nutrition habits. All plans are individualized and I do not operate with a "one size fits all" coaching style. I work with you according to your individual needs.
Will I only be eating chicken and broccoli for every meal with your nutrition plans? 
No, you will have ample choices within the software to satisfy your needs without having to resort to a boring and restrictive diet based only on broccoli and chicken. You will have variety.
Do you offer Payment Plans?
Yes. Please email me for further on this.
What happens if I miss a nutrition or training session?
If you miss a session and have given written email notice more than 24 hours prior via email, you will be able to reschedule the session you canceled only once (no more than 2 reschedules per package), if you cancel without notice or less than 24 hours prior you will forfeit that session and will not be able to make it up no matter what.
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